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*sigh* again....

Ok, going to not snack/graze until I can fit back into my normal size of pants....stupid donut days at work....I was able to do it back in March but 20 days is not quite long enough to do any good....so basically, until I can fit back into my pants.  Grr.


The Music Man

So, I've finally seen "The Music Man" on stage!  Arena Stage, here in DC, opened their production of "The Music Man" last night, starring Burke Moses ("Gaston" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway) as Prof. Hill and Kate Baldwin (Tony Award Nominee for her performance in "Finian's Rainbow") as Marian.  And guys, it was AWESOME.  Not that I'm gushing or anything. :)

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Best cure for melancholy ever

So, I've discovered that when I'm PMS-ing I don't get irritable, but rather I get melancholy and anti-social and kind of depressed.  I realized this yesterday when I was on the subway, commuting to work, and for no reason just feeling all sad and kind of down, even though currently my life is kind of fantastic (a new full-time job with benefits, school being almost out for the summer, really I have no cause to feel down).  Then I realized it's been about a month (I'm so irregular it's not even funny...about a month is as precise as I can be!) and it clicked.  I laughed out loud, right on the subway.  My poor seatmate... :)

Anyways, so the melancholy continues today and so what am I doing to cheer myself up?

Watching "The Music Man" on blu-ray.

Seriously--best cure ever. :)


Hart to Hart TV Movies

Has anybody seen the tv movies of "Hart to Hart" made after the series ended?  If so, what'd you think?  I'm not really expecting anyone to have seen them, 'cause after all it is a horribly cheesy old show with like, no fandom at all, but if anyone has, I'm really curious as to opinions.  I really enjoy the show, the easy chemistry of Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers and just the fun, lightheartedness of the show, where they can discover a body in the closet in one scene and in the next, sit down on the couch to look at their wedding pictures while the corpse lies on the floor.  It's fun.  Yet, I started watching the TV movies that they made a couple years after the series had ended (I think there's some insane number, like 8), and I'm really not enjoying them nearly as much. I've only watched the first three, but I can't figure out why I'm not enjoying them.  It's not like they've changed the formula or anything--they still are the same light-hearted couple solving crimes with no trauma or anything--so I don't know why the movies aren't grabbing me as much as the episodes of the series.  Maybe it's 'cause they're older (I don't think so, though)?  Or because they're like double the length of a regular episode and I can only handle my H2H in small, 50 minute increments?  I got no clue.  But I'd like to compare notes if anyone else has seen them.


Poll #1825479 Which TV Show Should I Marathon?

Which TV Show Should I Marathon?

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Scarecrow & Mrs King
Remington Steele
Pushing Daisies
Hart to Hart

What's your favorite season of the show you chose in question 1?

Are we sensing a theme?  I did try to put pictures in the poll, but after trying for a while and it still wasn't working, I gave up. :)

Kindle Cover plus a dose of Sherlock

So, M-Edge Accessories allows you to design your own cover for your tablet or e-reader--you can use their colors and fonts, or you can upload your own pictures.  Which is what I did.  And look how great it turned out!


Also, I found this great cross-over video of Sherlock vs Doctor Who, singing "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" by Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat.  Even without knowing anything about Doctor Who (and really, I don't), it still cracked me up--I love this song, and the vidder matched actions to words wonderfully. :)


'Cause they say goals aren't goals unless they're written down and as much as I hate goals...this one really needs to happen (stupid holiday weight that I still haven't lost):
I will not snack/graze during the day.

Reward: If I do not snack until March 20th, I'll buy myself Scarecrow and Mrs King S3 on DVD.  

I figure that should be a good motivator. :)

Drive-by Posting

I got a Kindle!  My brother bought a kindle fire and so sold me his old one.  It's awesome!

And if the government will stop being slow, I should start a new part-time job fairly soon.  Woot!

And now I feel the urge to watch some of the early episodes of "The Office"....too bad I don't have netflix or hulu plus....maybe I can re-signup for a hulu plus free trial...*skips off to check*

Jan. 24th, 2012

And I'm officially a Sherlock/Molly Hooper shipper (affectionately called "Sherlolly").

Billy Elliot Review

The Kennedy Center celebrated some sort of anniversary late last year (I want to see 40th, but really, I'm not sure) and as part of that, they gave away a bunch of tickets. I ended up winning two tickets to see "Billy Elliot: The Musical". This musical hit Broadway just a bit before I went on my mission, and I really didn't know that much about it. Then, once I found out I won the tickets, I purposefully avoided anything about it (which wasn't hard, considering the show is closing in 2 days). Every time I've gone to see a musical, I've always known all the songs and the general plot; I wanted to see a show without knowing anything, just for kicks. It was quite a new experience--a good experience.

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Also, I got Scarecrow and Mrs King season 1 and season 2 for Christmas.  Woot!


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